Tony Wise, is a new age thinker. His only desire is to be of service to mankind, to provoke thought and change for a positive world.

Anil N Matai is a visionary author and entrepreneur known for his profound insights into spirituality and business. 
With a background in both corporate leadership and spiritual exploration, he brings a unique perspective to his writing. 
His journey into spirituality started at a young age, and he has been a dedicated practitioner ever since. 
His experiences with meditation and mindfulness have deeply influenced his approach to leadership and decision-making. 
His passion lies in bridging the gap between profit-driven corporate culture and holistic well-being. 
He is recognized for his thought leadership on topics like ethical business practices and conscious capitalism. 
His writing is characterized by its warmth, wisdom, and a commitment to fostering positive change in the corporate world. 
He is a dedicated Speaker and mentor, guiding individuals and organizations towards greater purpose and well-being. 
His dedication to his spiritual master and family fuels his work, making it both heartfelt and transformative. 
Through his books, Anil N Matai strives to inspire others to embark on their own journeys of spiritual and professional growth.

Growing up in the era where the science fiction movie really took off, which saw the original Star Wars movies, E.T, Aliens, Close Encounters, and Back to the Future, it became impossible for me not to become inspired by what Hollywood was offering. My childhood was fun, always recreating and reimagining scenes from movies and TV shows; and can remember now, excitedly writing my own stories in my official ET merchandise booklet. I guess I have always been writing! I enjoyed a career in public relations and the British civil service, where I even leant my hand at speechwriting for government ministers. Realising I had talent in this area, instead of wasting it on government officials (ha-ha), I thought I could put this to good use by writing what I was really interested in - science fiction. I have managed to fulfill a dream of publishing my two novels - The Stereopsis Effect and The Epsilon Syndrome - and they always remind me of the hard work and dedication that is needed to bring something like this to fruition. I can tell you that it is rewarding and fulfilling. I still live at home with my parents, to whom I care for, they always give me the inspiration and ideas to write a third book.

If you are reading this, and you have read one of my novels, do please spare five minutes to give a review. As you can see, I don't have many, and they are really helpful for up-and-coming writers like me to boost their morale, so as to write more books! The fact that I only have a few reviews shouldn't deter you from reading them. They are amazing novels and I am sure you will enjoy them. And even though they are science-fiction based, that sci-fi doesn't overwhelm the narrative, meaning there is something in there for everyone.

Wherever you are in the world, I wish you a long and happy life reading.

Before turning to writing fiction, I was a practicing clinical psychologist for fifty-plus years. I have been privileged to enter the lives of countless people as their psychotherapist. Their lives and struggles revealed profound truths about the human condition. Many of the stories I heard in my practice have provided themes for my books. Often a common issue rather than a particular individual stimulated the stories.

Everyone has a story to be told. Usually, we get so caught up in living our lives that we fail to see the extraordinary embedded in the ordinary. We look at our life as just putting one foot in front of the other, trying the best we can to live our lives in a meaningful, productive way. For some of us, the task is merely to survive in the world in which we find ourselves. Sometimes it takes an outsider to tell the story.

As a psychologist, I have tried to help people make sense of their life experiences, come to terms with their inner demons, cope with tragedy, and find greater fulfillment. As a writer, I try to tell their story in a way that might help others find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

A recurrent theme in my writing is the exploration of the light and dark sides inherent in all of us. I hope to encourage people to embrace both sides, learn to integrate them, and thereby experience a greater sense of wholeness and fulfillment.

More than once, their stories resonated with my own life and helped me to gain clarity and perspective. I am profoundly grateful for the insights provided by those who trusted me with their stories and permitted me to join them on their journey of self-discovery.

I have been married to my wife, Barbara, for almost forty years. We have two pooches named Charlie and Benji. My hobbies include cooking, photography, woodworking, and physical fitness. I am active in nonprofit agencies that serve children, youth, and families. All profits from the sales of my books go to these charities.

An engineer by vocation, Cotwell began his dive training in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1996, getting his CMAS certification under the tutelage of old school wreck divers. On an early morning dive in the winter of 1997 in freezing waters, the first stage of his regulator froze and free flowed, which marked his transition to diving in tropical waters. Since then, he has dived in the waters off New Guinea, Borneo, Bali, Sulawesi, Hawaii, and the Red Sea. Today, T.R. Cotwell lives with his family near Seattle, WA.

I graduated from Rutgers University Pharmacy School with two science degrees, which somehow led to spending a quarter century as a regional manager for Luxottica Group, the world’s largest eyewear company. Along the journey, I took 50 courses in selling (life is a sale), leadership, and support. After watching ‘Casablanca’ for the 54th time, I wrote my first novel, ‘Vichy Water’ and embarked on a journalism career, writing for several magazines, NJ Discover and blogging.

At NJ Discover, I morphed into broadcasting, producing, and co-hosting a Central Jersey local cable TV talk show. In October 2023, I published my second novel, ‘There’s a Tortoise in My Hair; A Journey to Spirit’ with rave review(s) and a prestigious STAR from Kirkus Reviews.

I currently serve on the Advisory Committee of the Women’s Health Institute at Rutgers RWJ Medical School, ONE HEALTH NJ (Human, Plant, Animal) Steering Committee. In September 2019, I taught a class on Career Explorations at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, and actively mentored Rutgers students.

My journalistic curiosity and persistence propelled me into an appearance in a Meryl Streep movie, ‘One True Thing’ and an ‘extra’ offering from the Spielberg movie, ‘War of the Worlds’ as well as a stint at Central Casting.

In September 2020, I started a series of YOUTUBE global podcast interviews, "Conversations with Calvin; We the SpecIEs," focusing on the diversity of content, people, and careers with nearly 300 interviews to date.

Several years ago, I helped to form a global group of environmentalists. ‘Climate Optimists’ (Everything NOT Fine)

I thrive on reinvention after sixty and have an awareness of longevity, currently walking around with zero coronary artery plaque.

Sam wrangles cats and philosophises with her imaginary friends.

No, you didn’t misread that. But don’t worry, she’s not crazy, just a creative soul who grew up immersed in legends and mythology.

Sam writes epic fantasy about nonconformist, strong women. Social justice is the lifeblood of her work. She believes we’re one step closer to creating a better world if we can imagine a place where gender, religion, ethnicity, and age are accepted without question.

Sam is scandalised by the rollback of women’s and children’s rights, by the exponential rise of hate crimes, and horrified by continued environmental destruction and climate catastrophes. She addresses these burning social issues by wrapping them in a veneer of fast-paced action fantasy.

When we read, our brains do not differentiate between fiction and lived experiences. Sam seizes the opportunity to entertain her readers while encouraging compassion and social responsibility.

Her three books have been well received by fans who leave rave reviews and are eagerly anticipating her next book, which will launch 1st September.

As an indie author, Sam enjoys having artistic control over all aspects of publishing. She has built a team of professionals for the areas in which she lacks expertise.

For Sam, every day is International Women’s Day!

Annie Ireland writes sassy romances starring dynamic, fearless female and powerful male characters. Her hot and steamy romance stories contain intense passion, heat, and happily ever afters.

When not writing fun, spicy, romantic novellas, visiting with family and friends, or exploring her love of cooking, you can find her traveling the world with her husband and two well-traveled dogs. Follow Annie on Amazon (click that "Follow" button!)

Larada Horner-Miller is an award-winning poet, essayist, blogger and accomplished multi-genre author who holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a Master of Education Degree in Integrating Technology into the Classroom. She is the accomplished author of six award-winning historical fiction, memoir, and poetry works plus three self-published cookbooks. She has also recorded two audiobooks.

Her new release, Hair on Fire: A Heartwarming & Humorous Christmas Memoir is available in paperback and e-book format.

Her sixth book, Coronavirus Reflections: Bitter or Better?, is available in paperback and four e-book formats. It won the 2023 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards for the Self Help/Guides category and the 2022 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award for the Mind, Body and Spirit category. Larada offers the reader the opportunity to look back at 2020 and the global pandemic through her prose and poetry through reading, then reflecting and responding. She addresses all the emotions she felt during this overwhelming time and leads the reader through to a self-access: bitter or better?

Her fifth book is the authorized memoir and biography of world-renown square dance caller Marshall “Flip” Flippo. Just Another Square Dance Caller: Biography of Marshall Flippo is available now in hardback, paperback and four e-book formats. Recently Just Another Square Dance Caller won two awards: Book Excellence Awards Finalist and Silver award for eLit. Book Awards.

Larada and her husband, Lin, enjoy being nestled in the mountains above Albuquerque, New Mexico, near the village of Tijeras. She enjoys square dancing, traveling, knitting, and reading.

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