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About the Author

Kevin is a native of Richmond, Virginia, graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Business, and served for 34 years in the federal government as a frontline, mid-level and senior-level leader. He is the principal or contributing author to 20 books on the topics of Faith, Book Marketing, Blended Families, Writing, Finance and Leadership.Upon retirement from the federal government in 2017, his primary focus is leadership as CEO of The Johnson Leadership Group LLC. His current book series - Leadership with a Servant's Heart - is a 2-time Amazon new release best-seller and winner of 12 literary awards in 2020, 2021, and 2023....


Leadership with a Servant's Heart: Leading in Your Workplace

Great leadership always matters. Yet, there is a noticeable mismatch between what employees want and what leaders deliver. It’s what drives the current state of the workforce. Best-selling author Kevin Wayne Johnson addresses a myriad of challenges and solutions for aspiring and current leaders to narrow this gap. The result is that leaders will know better, do better, and ultimately, lead better. They are servant leaders.

Leadership is a spiritual gift from God (Romans 12:6-8). His Word reminds us that “Every good and perfect gift is from above… (James 1:17). “ Unfortunately, it’s a gift that, from time to time, is misused and abused by some in positions of power and authority. When this happens, leaders at all levels, across multiple venues, cause those who they are entrusted to lead to walk away. People don’t leave organizations. They leave because of poor leadership (people).


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