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In 2004, after my undergraduate studies at Campbell University in North Carolina, I was still a novice at best in world history, much less a writer.However, for me and many others, from professional critics to ordinary citizens, it started during America’s 2016 presidential election.Many authors had failed to connect social events to the sources of humanity’s struggles and destiny. Maybe that’s their preference for political correctness.


REFLECTION: A Storm Is Brewing

"Reflection: A Storm Is Brewing" takes readers on an exhilarating journey into the realms of religion and history. This captivating book delves into the world of autocracy and its relentless pursuit of a new world order, where cunning strawmen manipulate the delicate balance of politics and religion.

Within these pages lies a spellbinding exploration of the Lawless One and their underlings who hold key positions within Satan's domain on earth. Their dark influence stretches far and wide, as they operate under the guise of the Program. But a mysterious Club, driven by a sinister purpose, seeks to reshape the world through a powerful charismatic disciple and a new form of patriotism.

As the Club's plans unfold, a global pandemic descends upon the world, strategically timed amidst a major trade war. The Chinese Communist Party, the Kremlin, and the Republican Party find themselves intertwined in a dangerous dance, almost executing a perfect coup d'état against global democracy. Yet, their ambitions do not stop there, as China and Russia harbor grand schemes through the New Silk Road development project.

"Reflection: A Storm Is Brewing" is an enthralling blend of religion, history, and politics, intertwining the forces of darkness and the struggle for power. Dive into this gripping narrative that offers thought-provoking insights into the machinations that shape our world, leaving readers questioning the hidden forces at play. Brace yourself for an electrifying adventure that will open your eyes to the intricate web spun by those seeking to wield control over nations and souls alike.

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