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About the Author

Writes as ELLE FRAN WILLIAMS Lives in the UK with an Irish background.  Worked for many  years in arenas which gave a special insight into people - good, bad and normal, from performing artists to recidivist prisoners, from nursery school to people with Alzheimers.  Elle Fran's books are mildly people/crime/relationship related and are mostly set in the UK, Ireland or the US.  There are currently about 16 books available in both Kindle and paperback, with a new book due to be published by Austin Macauley by the beginning of next year.   Four of the books are in a series featuring John Roche a taciturn detective...



Imagine if you will, your relationship is on the rocks, your debts are mounting, you are as fed up as you can possibly be when two massive events occur on the same day:  Your partner discovers he has picked the 6 winning numbers in the lottery ... and ... within minutes, walking the dog, he is killed outright when a Toyota Yaris falls from a car transporter.  

So ... honestly now.  Yes it is terrible, and you would be distraught ... but would you not also wonder what he had done with the lottery ticket?  Would that ticket truly never cross your mind?  

This is a humourous examination of a real dilemma.


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