Shane Lege

Shane Lege

About the Author

Shane Lege is a remarkable individual with a diverse and enriching life story. Hailing from a small town in Louisiana, he grew up in a close-knit family that cherished moments of togetherness and relished in the flavors of delectable Cajun cuisine during holiday gatherings. From humble beginnings, Shane's path led him on a remarkable journey of service, exploration, and the pursuit of new experiences. After graduating from high school, Shane joined the U.S. Army as a 12B Combat Engineer, proudly serving in the 65th Engineering Battalion within the 25th Infantry Division stationed in Hawaii. This chapter of his life allowed him to...


Sweet Dreams Heavy Machines

This is a cute little story about five heavy construction vehicles that love to play all day. Once they are done playing, they wash down and settle down for a good night’s rest. This book is great for reading to your special one just before bed or anytime. The book also has a QR code to learn a little more about each character’s hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Great for all ages and a very cute good night story. Your special one will love this book for years to come.

Thalondor Kingdom of Legends

As Valaric emerged from his slumber on a sun-kissed shore, confusion gripped his senses. His mind was a jumble of fragmented memories, leaving him with no understanding of his current location or how he had come to be there. Unbeknownst to him, this disorienting awakening heralded the commencement of an extraordinary odyssey, one that would forever alter not only his own destiny but also the lives of the people dwelling in the enigmatic land he had unknowingly discovered.

Thalondor, a kingdom veiled in a shroud of secrecy, held the power to unravel a millennium-old secret that had shaped the lives of its inhabitants. Little did Valaric realize that he stood at the threshold of a revelation that would forever transform their destinies. Nestled within the heart of Thalondor, an ancient enchantment, like the grains of sand slipping through an hourglass, approached its culmination. For a thousand years, this sacred barrier had held the forces of darkness at bay, guarding the realm against their insidious grip. Yet now, as the enchanted sands dwindled, the looming threat of evil's resurgence cast an ominous shadow over Thalondor's future.


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