La Hija de la Chuparrosa (Spanish Edition)

Discover an epic historical novel of a young saint escaping death from Pulitzer Prize finalist Luis Alberto Urrea, author of The House of Broken Angels.
This historical novel is based on Urrea's real great-aunt Teresita, who had healing powers and was acclaimed as a saint. Urrea has researched historical accounts and family records for years to get an accurate story.

Living a Life on Fire Paperback – July 12, 2004

Living a Life on Fire is both inspiring and practical. David Hernandez Jr. thoroughly explains how a Christian teenager can come into a closer fellowship with God, walk in freedom, be used by God in a greater way, become powerful through prayer, and become mighty through the reading of God's word. If you know a Christian teenager who is struggling to serve God, this is the perfect book for that teen, and if you know a teenager who just wants to know God in a greater way, this is the perfect book for them also. Living a Life on Fire is full of powerful testimonies of God's saving power, captivating word illustrations, answers to some tough questions, interesting yet purposeful stories, extreme challenges, and much more! Living a Life on Fire makes the perfect gift for a teenager who wants to serve God in this ungodly generation. This book will not only challenge teenagers, but this book will also encourage, strengthen, bless, and change the teenager who reads it and applies the principles within the book.

Der Feuerdrache: Thriller: Ein Fall für Liu Hulan und David Stark 2 | Eine gefährliche Undercover-Mission

Ein Milliardendeal – und ein System, in dem ein Menschenleben nichts wert ist: Der Thriller »Der Feuerdrache« von Lisa See als eBook bei dotbooks.

Warum musste diese junge Frau sterben? Der mysteriöse Selbstmord einer Arbeiterin führt Inspektorin Liu Hulan in ein Dorf tief im Inneren Chinas: Hier hat die schwangere Frau in der Fabrik des internationalen Spielzeugkonzerns »Knight« gearbeitet, für die Hulans Freund, der amerikanische Staatsanwalt David Stark, gerade einen großen Verkaufsdeal überwachen soll. Hulan ist überzeugt, dass die Firma etwas mit dem Tod der Frau zu tun hat. Um mehr zu erfahren, beginnt die Inspektorin, undercover für »Knight« zu arbeiten – und findet heraus, dass die »Unfälle«, die hier täglich geschehen, das Werk eines eiskalten Killers sind. Doch je näher Hulan und David ihm kommen, umso klarer wird, dass er vor nichts zurückschreckt – auch nicht vor Brandstiftung, die hunderte Unschuldige töten könnte …

»Gut recherchiert und ein nuanciertes Bild des heutigen China!« Washington Post

Jetzt als eBook kaufen und genießen: Der packende Thriller »Der Feuerdrache« von Lisa See ist der zweite Fall Fall für ihr amerikanisch-chinesisches Ermittlerteam Liu Hulan und David Stark. Wer liest, hat mehr vom Leben: dotbooks – der eBook-Verlag.

Fresh Grounded Faith: Devotions to Awaken Your Spirit

Popular author and speaker Jennifer Rothschild, Self Talk, Soul Talk, shares a cup of inspiration to help women make it through the daily grind. Jennifer’s successful Fresh Grounded Faith conferences are reaching thousands of women and this devotional is the perfect way to take her special blend of inspirational teaching home for every day.

Each short reading begins with a personal story or illustration from Jennifer—always insightful and always scripturally based. This is followed by “Spill the Beans”—an interactive section encouraging the reader to talk with God about what is going on in their own life and providing a place for prayer needs and confession. Women will find space for listing praises and thanksgiving as well as ideas for using the book with a prayer partner or trusted friend.

The compact size and contemporary layout of Fresh Grounded Faith make it a great gift for any woman. And any reader will find it a quick and perfect way to renew and refresh a relationship with God over their daily coffee.

L'editor: Versione italiana (Italian Edition)

New York, febbraio 1992. L'amore per la scrittura può nascere nei modi più disparati: per qualcuno è stato un libro che ha letto, per qualcun altro un insegnante; per James Smale è stata la macchina da scrivere svizzera che la madre possedeva quando lui era bambino. Una Hermes color uovo di pettirosso, un oggetto meraviglioso che gli ha infuso la passione per le parole. E adesso, dopo anni di duro lavoro, James corona finalmente il sogno della vita quando il suo romanzo autobiografico, La quarantena, viene acquisito dalla Doubleday per essere pubblicato. L'editor a cui è piaciuto e che lavorerà con lui è nientemeno che Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, che si è innamorata del modo in cui James è riuscito a mettere a nudo la propria famiglia disfunzionale.

Jackie - o la signora Onassis, come è conosciuta in ufficio - e James stringono un'amicizia inaspettata: la raffinata editor spingerà il suo autore a scrivere un finale autentico, incoraggiandolo a confrontarsi con la verità circa il suo passato e la relazione con sua madre. Finché, una volta rivelato un segreto famigliare da sempre taciuto, James capirà, forse troppo tardi, che la sua editor aveva sempre cercato di aiutarlo, non solo come autore.

Trilogía La casa de los espíritus (pack con: La casa de los espíritus | Hija de la fortuna | Retrato en sepia) (Spanish Edition)

Una trilogía con tres de las novelas más icónicas de Isabel Allende que conforman una saga familiar de más de un siglo.

Presentamos por primera vez en la colección Bestseller de Debolsillo una edición en un estuche especial de la trilogía conformada por La casa de los espíritus (1982), Hija de la fortuna(1999) y Retrato en Sepia(2000).

Isabel Allende siempre ha defendido la unidad temática y dramática en estas tres novelas, que caracteriza en su conjunto como «una saga familiar que cubre casi ciento treinta años». En este estuche, disfrutaremos de una historia que retrata el destino de una familia a través de los vidas de tres mujeres fuertes y únicas. Eliza Sommers, su nieta Aurora del Valle y su descendiente Clara del Valle vivirán aventuras, reveses y romances trepidantes, mientras se convierten en testigos y artífices de los grandes cambios de sus tiempos.

The Man to See

This bestselling biography of legendary trial lawyer Edward Bennett Williams is "a skillful and lively portrait of a larger-than-life lawyer" (Kirkus Reviews).

Legendary attorney Edward Bennet Williams was arguably the best trial lawyer ever to practice. Now, for the first time, bestselling author Evan Thomas takes us into the courtrooms of Williams's greatest performances as he defends "Godfather" Frank Costello, Jimmy Hoffa, Frank Sinatra, The Washington Post, and others, as well as behind the scenes where the witnesses are coached, the traps set, and the deals cut.

In addition to being a lawyer of unprecedented influence, Williams was also an important Washington insider, privy to the secrets of America's most powerful men. Thomas tells the truth behind the stories that made Williams one of the most talked about public figures of his time, including Williams's role in the publication of the Pentagon Papers and the possibility that Williams may have been Watergate's Deep Throat. Based on Thomas's exclusive access to Williams's papers, The Man to See is an unprecedented look at the strategies and influence of this exceptional man.

To Punish and Protect: Against a System That Coddles Criminals

Deemed "the avenging angel of American justice" (Chris Matthews, Hardball), Jeanine Pirro, the famed Westchester County district attorney, presents hard truths about a justice system that she believes coddles criminals at the expense of innocent victims. Taking readers inside her daily battles on behalf of victims -- from the adolescent girl forced to assume wifely duties after her father murdered her stepmother to a hardworking man shot over a parking place -- District Attorney Pirro delivers a bold indictment of the criminal justice system and lays bare the ways in which parents, communities, and the system share complicity in fostering a dangerous environment for our citizens.
With the blunt courage of a woman who has spent her entire career working in a male-dominated world, Pirro demonstrates determination and compassion that will inspire anyone who has ever been a victim -- or a victim's loved one.
Finally, To Punish and Protect includes updated appendixes to help you and your loved ones make smart decisions about safety.


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