An old man takes his city-slicker grandson on a fishing trip to let him “shake hands with nature”. To while away the hours, he recollects a story from his childhood days – an adventure set in 1960 involving a precocious 12-year-old boy called Bug. Having purchased a packet of old letters at an estate sale, Bug uncovers hidden clues to solving the mysterious death of a depressed tycoon, one Royal Conrad, as well as the whereabouts of Conrad’s missing treasures that have lingered unresolved since 1887.

Bug, along with his older cousin Danny and his tall friend Cobbie, embark on an adventure through the rugged but beautiful forests of North Georgia, chased all the while by the diabolical Professor Washpeddle and his Twinkie-obsessed henchman, Mister Strange.

Join Bug, Danny, and Cobbie as they face fire-shooting bears, speeding locomotives, stump spiders, raging hounds and other dangers along the backwoods trail that leads to an astonishing discovery that changes their lives.


In "THE COGNITIVE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE," readers embark on a transformative journey through the intricate realms of emotions and cognition, exploring the profound connection between the two. The book, organised into thoughtfully crafted chapters, seamlessly weaves insights, practical guidance, and philosophical reflections to deepen our understanding of emotional intelligence.

The prologue sets the stage for exploring human nature, inviting readers to contemplate the beauty of creation and the intricate tapestry of emotions that colour our experiences. "Love's Labour Is Not Lost" delves into the enduring power of love and its impact on our emotional landscape. At the same time, "Hold the Door Open" serves as a symbolic guide to fostering emotional connections in our relationships.

"To Err Is Human, To Forgive Is Divine" navigates the complexities of forgiveness, emphasising the transformative nature of embracing our shared humanity. The "Art of Understanding and Managing Emotions" provides practical tools for navigating the intricate dance of emotions, empowering readers to harness their emotional intelligence for personal and professional growth.

"Living with A Definite Purpose" encourages readers to align their actions with a clear sense of purpose, fostering resilience in life's challenges. Exploring "What Is Emotional Intelligence?" lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of its significance, setting the stage for a comparative analysis with traditional measures of intelligence in "Emotional Intelligence Vs Intelligence Quotient."

The book meticulously dissects "The 5 Components of Emotional Intelligence," offering a comprehensive framework for self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. "Emotional Intelligence in The Workplace" extends these principles into professional spheres, highlighting the transformative impact of emotional intelligence on leadership, collaboration, and organisational success.

Readers are guided through the nuanced process of measuring emotional intelligence, with insights into recognising signs of emotional maturity. "Roadmap to Enhance Emotional Intelligence" is a practical guide offering actionable steps to cultivate emotional intelligence daily.

The journey culminates in an enriching epilogue, leaving readers with a profound sense of self-discovery and a newfound appreciation for the intricate dance of emotions and cognition.

"THE COGNITIVE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE" is a combination of wisdom, science, and practicality to create a compelling narrative that not only educates but also inspires readers to embark on their journey towards emotional intelligence, unlocking the potential for a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

Forbidden Daddy's Baby

He’s my brother’s best friend

My one night stand…

And my baby’s daddy…

I never planned to lose my v-card to my brother’s best friend, Mason Whitman, on the night of my brother's wedding.

I was heartbroken the next day, waking up to an empty bed and a single note.

That jerk abandoned me.

As the interim CEO, I'm forced to work with him, because he owns shares in my family's company. Now, we keep running into each other everywhere.

He won't allow things to be strictly professional with his suave, dominant allure.

He keeps showing me that he desires me, taking me to new heights of pleasure.

Yet, he still won't tell me why he left me that morning.

I hope he's not worried about his friendship with my brother.

This game of cat and mouse, hot and cold has to come to an end, no matter how much I yearn for him.

I try to move forward, but fate has a twisted sense of humor.

And now I’m pregnant with his baby

Sister Lost

Claire Langstrom is a loner by choice. A bequest in her grandmother's will exposes family secrets and a historical tragedy.

Claire begins a journey of redemption, as the one despised searches for the one rejected. 

Will Claire's quest end in joy or sorrow?

The Fifth Cycle: A New Hero is Forged

Honorable Mention, Purple Dragonfly Book Award
Perfect for Rick Riordan fans.

“Join Colin Caulfield on an epic journey through Irish mythology, as the war of destiny and the fate of a nation rests on the power within.” --Dakota Love, reviewer.

For most of his life, thirteen-year-old Colin Caulfield has carried the pain of not knowing his real father only to learn he is the son of a god. Colin is destined to help return the gods to power during an event known as the Fifth Cycle, but a dark army wants to keep him from achieving his goal. They are closing in and have no problem going after his mother and sister in order to get to him.

To keep them safe, Colin journeys to the mystic Otherworld to train with Scathach, the legendary warrior woman. His greatest challenge comes in the form of the warp spasms, deadly berserker rages he suffers, that make him a danger to both his friends and his enemies.

The secret of controlling the warp spasms just might lie in coming to grips with his inner pain. It won’t be easy, but Colin will have help in the form of Alaynna, a warrior princess; gentle and kind Breccan, and the mysterious Druid, Gannon.

They need to hurry, as it’s only a matter of time before his enemies learn where he is.


Included in this book is a special QR code that will allow you to download a set of Otherworldly Adventures trading cards featuring characters from this book and rules on how to battle them. Each book contains a different set of cards.



Mostly True Tales from Wild Serenity (Stories and poems for Children of all ages)

Meet the animals of Wild Serenity and enjoy new stories and poems about their lives. See how Gwen and Nick coexist with some of the most dangerous animals in the woods. This book is fun and playful at times and serious at others, but all the stories are written with children in mind. Learning about the animals with facts to go with each story and poem, this book will be a family favorite for bedtime and reading practice. Even the little ones will love the stories and the beautiful pictures of each animal. For even more fun, you can make up your own stories for images at the end of the book. There are drawing prompts and picture prompts so budding authors and illustrators can get started honing their craft.

The Wanderer of the Night. For the Greater Good.

Under the sunless sky of The Beyond, Gael can truly only count on one person. Himself. He knows his comrade in arms, the only man he calls friend, David, is hiding secrets. Secrets that have to do with Gael’s fiancée who’s been missing for ninety years. And he is determined to find the truth.

A prisoner of his own immortal body, Gael’s sole duty to his ruler, The White Prince, is relished to a title. Executioner. Unable to let go of the nobility that made him human, Gael is thrown into an unimaginable nightmare. And with a new purpose – to save seven-year-old Maddie McDaniel.

Through her child-like wonder, Maddie has no idea of the power she wields and the forces that protect her. She is a danger to everything The White Prince has built over centuries and his dreams of the future.

Faced with an impossible task, one filled with violence and destruction, Gael must choose between loyalty and what he knows in his heart is right. A decision that will alter both his and Maddie’s lives forever. Whatever his choice, he knows one thing – he must protect the girl. Before they get to her.

Narcissistic Relationships Suck

Are you feeling emotionally drained, manipulated, and trapped in a relationship with a narcissistic partner? Have you spent countless nights questioning your sanity and wondering how you ended up in such a toxic situation? If you're seeking answers, support, and a way to break free, then "Breaking Free from Narcissistic Bonds" is the right book.
This comprehensive guide is specifically tailored to empower individuals like you, who have experienced the pain and confusion of narcissistic relationships. Through expert advice, practical strategies, and real-life examples, this book offers a compassionate and insightful understanding of your struggles, and the tools needed to heal from the emotional trauma.
"Breaking Free from Narcissistic Bonds" is not just another self-help book; it is a lifeline for those who feel lost in the chaos of a toxic relationship. This book will help you:
· Recognize the different types of narcissists and their tactics
· Understand why you ended up in such a relationship in the first place
· Navigate the challenges of living with a narcissist, and set healthy boundaries
· Make informed decisions about whether to stay or leave, and how to move forward
· Heal from the emotional wounds inflicted by narcissistic abuse, and rediscover your true self
As you read this book, you'll feel validated, understood, and encouraged to reclaim your life. Each chapter is designed to provide you with the knowledge, strength, and confidence needed to break free from the narcissistic bonds that have held you back for far too long.
Don't let another day go by feeling trapped and powerless in a toxic relationship. It's time to take control of your life, heal your emotional wounds, and embrace a brighter future filled with self-love and happiness. "Breaking Free from Narcissistic Bonds" is the key to unlocking the door to your new, fulfilling life. So start your journey to healing and freedom today.

  • Couples do many things to make their marriages work; they don't wake up one morning and divorce their husband or wife; you have to realize that there is only so much a person can try to make a relationship work.
  • My hope and deepest desire with this book are to serve as the foundation for getting your life back. Although it might not be the life you envisioned initially, I assure you will have a good life on your road to recovery.
  • Together, we'll walk through what it means to live with a narcissist. Beyond that, what it means to survive during and after that relationship.
  • We will examine narcissism in detail and determine what kind of narcissist your partner is. We will explore how your relationship got this far and why you allowed yourself to be pulled and dragged along on a journey littered with heartbreak and broken promises. You were probably love-bombed, and someone has taken advantage of your kindness.
  • We will also look at how your narcissistic partner controls you. For example, we will examine control tactics such as projection, defining your reality, badgering, infantilizing, and going nuclear. Finally, we will investigate how emotional abuse affects your health and causes anxiety, depression, insomnia, self-destructive habits, and a profound sense of isolation.
  • And I pray that you get from where you are and move forward in a healthier direction.
  • We will dive deep into your options with a narcissist and what you should expect and not expect. For example, you cannot expect fairness; keeping calm is essential. Ultimately, we will cover strategies to safeguard your heart.
This book will be available on PDF, paper, hardcover, and Audible.

Survival: A World to Build

An extract from the book: The stabbing pain was the first sensation I felt. Then it was slowly replaced by an itching, burning sensation all across my face. As if the world wanted to remind me that there was more to my body than an itching tender face, I felt a myriad of sharp objects cutting into my back and backside. Putting my hand up still with my eyes closed, I felt the tip of my nose with a gentle brush of my fingertip. This sent off a burst of pulsating pain again as if somebody had brushed a spikey cactus across the tip of my tender nose. I quickly pulled my finger back as the pain still pulsated like somebody had hooked my nose with a barbed fishing hook. This exasperating movement set off the other pains from the back of my body as I felt the tens of jagged points dig in and cut into my back as if somebody was massaging me with the coarsest sandpaper grit they could find.
Freezing in place as I figured that movement equaled more pain at the moment for my body. For a few seconds, I extended my awareness to my intensly sore body. I tried to take in as much information as possible. I started to think deeply rather than just react to the immediate pain. The sun was hot; that was a reality, as I could feel the radiation hitting my face like a constant low-level burn. Thankfully, a light, pleasant soothing cool breeze was easing the sensation of the burning sun somewhat. The rest of my body was lying prone on the ground as the tens of sharp points from the ground testified to me as they dug into my back.
What can I see? was my next thought as bright, blurry redness was all my eyes could detect. My eyelids are closed to the world, was the thought that came into my consciousness. In reaction, I tried to blink in rapid succession. This only resulted in more pain as I felt as if somebody was scraping splinters across my eyeballs. My eyes must have cracked open for a fleeting second as I saw a bright blue sky above my head. Which was quickly replaced with a stab of pain as I screwed my eyes shut again. I need to take it slower than that, I thought.
I moved my hand slowly with great effort as the rest of my arm followed reluctantly. As the skin flexed and strained, I knew that my face was not the only part of my body that was heavily sunburnt. Eventually, with some grim determination, I had the palm of my hand across my eyes. The red light went dimmer as my eyes were now shaded. I forced my eyes open again as I ignored the cutting pain as if I was ripping apart a wound full of hard scabs that flaked into my eyes. Blinking out the white bits of what I hoped were just dried eye gunk. I eventually got a clear view of the underside of my hand.
I lay there as my eyes got used to the light for a few seconds. Then experimentally, I moved my hand to increase the light level. This, at first, gave me a stab of pain that hit the back of my eyes like somebody was trying to plunge sharp red hot needles into my retina with a twist to increase the agony. I persisted as I slowly removed my hand for a while, and the clear blue sky was revealed once more in all its glory. Suddenly, as my eyes were getting used to the brightness of the blue sky above, a dark shape appeared in my view. This dark shape formed into the face of something with a large black snout with orange-tan color around the rest of the face. Except for some darker areas that made up a pattern like the animal had a face mask.
My heart burst into rapid beating as my first reaction was to try to roll away from this animal's face. However, with the stiffness in my muscles, I found I really couldn’t move. The snout covering my entire field of view opened, revealing a cavernous mouth full of white pearly teeth. They all were of different sizes but what was most worrying was the large jagged canine teeth that I could now see close up. Suddenly a giant red tongue extended from the mouth that I was entirely focused on.

Noam Fall Garden

"Noam Fall Garden": a charming tale of how Easter Bunnies celebrate Halloween. "Noam Fall Garden" is the creation of published author Emile B LaCerte Jr.

LaCerte Jr. shares, "Emile B. LaCerte Jr., with the help of his family, tells the many adventures of the Easter Bunny.

"Halloween comes to Moriah Hallow, the school for Easter Bunny.

"Ever wonder how Easter Bunnies observe Halloween?

"Celebrate the harvesting of the Pascha pumpkins.

"Join Noam along with the forest friends for a spectacular Halloween festival.

"To give a Noam's Pascha pumpkin is showing God's love."

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Emile B LaCerte Jr.'s new book will delight and entertain the imagination of young readers from any background.

LaCerte Jr. continues to bring excitement to the world of the Easter Bunnies within the pages of this Halloween adventure.

Born a Viking: Blót

In Viking Age Scandinavia, Sigurd, a nine-year-old Norwegian boy, is accompanying his family during a spiritual pilgrimage to Uppsala, Sweden. Eirik, his father, is a mystical and mysterious legendary warrior.

During this spiritual experience, Sigurd discovers that Eirik is the leader of a secret group of outcast shaman warriors devoted to Odin. As he digs deeper, Sigurd struggles to understand whether his father is to be revered or despised.

Immersed in the heart of Norse paganism, Sigurd starts experiencing mystical visions guiding him to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, as his family’s past comes back to haunt them through a tragic and brutal murder, an intricate conspiracy is unveiled, threatening the very fabric of Scandinavian culture.

Mysticism and legend blend with the harsh reality of greed and politics as Sigurd fights for survival while struggling to accept his destiny.

The 8 Languages of Love and the Gems of Personality: Ignite That Relationship and Get It Back The Confidence You Need Secrets that Last

Navigating the intricacies of love can be daunting in a world where emotions and personalities are diverse. But what if you had a compass to guide you through this maze? This book introduces the fascinating idea of personality gems that help unravel the mystery of love. These gems form a powerful lens, allowing you to view from a unique perspective, appreciate the complexities, and embrace their beauty.
Discover practical strategies for enhancing communication, resolving conflicts, and understanding the unspoken needs beneath the surface. Unearth the secrets to building confidence, enabling lasting relationships, and uncovering the hidden gems within each personality. Embrace the chance to ignite or rekindle the connections you've always desired.
Gary S. Park's principles are essential for anyone seeking a positive transformation. This guide is valuable for single adults and married couples who want to deepen their connection and strengthen their bond. These practical strategies and insights enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and uncover the hidden gems within each personality. Whether you are single, searching for love, or in a committed relationship, this book is the key!
This guide goes beyond the conventional, exploring:
· The intricate nature of the eight languages of love, helping you identify your own language and understand those of others.
· The concept of personality gems and how they influence our relationships and communication styles.
· Practical tips and techniques for improving communication, resolving conflicts, and understanding unmet needs and desires.
· Strategies to build and maintain lasting relationships, ensuring they remain strong, healthy, and satisfying over time.
· Empowering advice to bolster your self-esteem and confidence, enabling you to assert your needs effectively in your relationships.

Embark on this transformative journey today and discover the secret to achieving the deep, satisfying connections you've always craved.
Knowledge is power. Expand your horizons.
Get your copy today!
Discover more at


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