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Ghost Reader Noam Fall Garden Book

Best New Children Halloween Book

Noam Fall Garden

Learn the story of the Pascha Pumpkin filled with Love and Hope

given to good people by the bunnies and forest friends

available at ChristianBooks

The Poetic Writers Journal (for Company of Fools)

Justin Whalley only wants 3 things from his ‘okay’ life. 

Learn, laugh, cry, chuckle and repeat, as he take too the reader through his roller coaster travel-log in order to obtain and keep one and hopefully all 3!

Save Him - Book Trailer - Time-travel Thriller Novel

Military scientist Rydel Scott has discovered time travel...he also believes he has been chosen to go back in time on a rogue mission to save Jesus.

Military scientist Rydel Scott is proud of the hi-tech gear he invents for battlefield heroes. When a secret mission involving one of his inventions goes horribly wrong, Rydel obsessively tries to learn what caused the system failure and accidentally reveals the ability to time travel. Overworked and massively sleep-deprived, he believes he has received a message from God—save God’s son. And the man of science embarks on a world-changing quest to rescue Jesus.

As he covers his tracks to journey back undetected, he neglects to factor in the consequences of a devastating butterfly effect. And he’s terrified to discover The Unit, a highly-trained team of elite soldiers, is hunting him down to stop him from making choices that could upend all of human history.

Will they find Rydel before he alters the past? And, if they find him, will some in The Unit be persuaded to join Rydel on his mission to save Christ?

The Necklace By The Dusky Club | Linda S. Rice | Book Trailer

Susan travels back to the year 1962 in her 17-year-old body, where she meets 20 years James, a member of a band that will one day become the most famous band of all time. Susan is delighted when James is instantly drawn to her, But Susan's 17-year-old hormones begin to play with her 62-year-old brain, tempting her towards a relationship with James that she's not really sure she wants it. Will James end up being the paragon Susan's always thought him to be? Or, will she learn that sometimes when a dream comes true, it's not quite what you expected? Find Out Right Inside! 📖

Reginald F. Lewis Before TLC Beatrice: The Young Man Before The Billion-Dollar Empire

"Know a person's struggle and you know that person's truth." - Lin Hart 

Decades after his death, the pioneering vision and spirit of enterprise that made Reginald F. Lewis one of the leading figures in the American business community continue to resonate and capture the imaginations of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders across the country. This inspirational book, written by Lin Hart, combines the best attributes of a rousing memoir with the direct imperative of a self-help book, holding up the life of Reginald F. Lewis as an indisputable model for success.

A Terrifying Read

Promotional video for The Different Kinds of Monsters, a psychological and supernatural thriller novel in which an ancient predator stalks a family for generations. Written by Seth Chambers.

Due to disturbing content, reader discretion is advised. Available from Amazon.

Contemporary Shamanic Journeys, book series

Contemporary Shamanic Journeys, book series by SunBôw TrueBrother. Three volumes, available in paperbacks and eBooks. Volume One - On the Paths of Spiritualist Science: A true life story. Through his memoirs, the author takes the readers on a journey of discovery, wonderment and learning about shamanic teachings and practices. This first volume in the series covers a first decade of travels, adventures and spiritual growth, through various edifying experiences and empowering encounters.

In the Volume Two of the series Contemporary Shamanic Journeys, the author takes us on another decade of pilgrimage and spiritual learning around North America and various countries of Europe, connecting with indigenist and spiritualist tribes and communities. These memoirs bring reflections on our collective human history, ancestral karmas, the akashic records, building communities and sacred ways to achieve healing, among other shamanic teachings.  

In this Volume Three of the Contemporary Shamanic Journeys series, the author takes the readers on the roads of North, Central and South America, exploring pre-Columbian civilizations, Indigenous traditional teachings and other ancient cultures, with the ancestral legacy their histories left us with. 

The Seven Fire Prophecy, the return of the White Buffalo, the mending of the Sacred Hoop, the reunion of the Condor and Eagle, the emergence of the Rainbow warriors and manifestations of other Native prophecies were witnessed and experienced first hand by the author, who renders a personal account of related milestone events. Various medicine teachers, shamanic practitioners, Elders and Wisdom Keepers met along the way have blessed the narrator with guidance and precious gems of spiritualist science shared in this series. Apart from adventures, expeditions, gatherings, ceremonies and encounters, these memoirs provide geographical knowledge and historical insights, as well as reflections on the development of modern society via colonialism, admiralty law, secret societies, social engineering and the globalist agenda.

Human relationships, whether positive or negative, remain among our experiences offering the greatest challenges and teachings along our life path. Everyone we met is a part of our life and should be acknowledged. Honoring the contributions of our peers, whether teachers, friends or foes, helps us to assimilate the lessons we are meant to learn. Thus, no biography would be complete without personal anecdotes. The greater perspective aims at healing and long term spiritual evolution for our souls. May this collection of true life stories sharing some of the knowledge they provided be inspirational, educational and entertaining for the readers. Best blessings to all...

Author's website: From the same author: The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, trilogy; and Hairy Humanoids from the Wild - Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch. 

The Missus by E L James Book Trailer

Maxim Trevelyan, reluctant Earl of Trevethick, has pursued the woman he loves to the wilds of Albania. Having fought for and won her, he now has to wed her, at the sharp end of a shotgun. But can a reformed rake like Maxim ever make a good husband – or will his own notorious reputation and the scandalous secrets of his aristocratic family destroy his newfound happiness? Alessia Demachi has defied and outwitted kidnappers and traffickers, and won the heart of the man she loves, but can she make this marriage work? Confronted by Maxim’s lurid past, his forbidding family, and the looks and whispers of London’s elite, will she ever be seen as Maxim’s countess – or will she always be his former cleaner? From the majestic mountains of Albania, through the rural idyll of the English countryside, to the shady glamour of contemporary London, The Missus is a spellbinding journey of love, longing, acceptance, and redemption.


Lewis Leary was born into freedom on the lucky day of March 17, 1835, but growing up in North Carolina as a free Black man, he soon realized that his privilege could not shield him from the harsh realities of a society where people with his skin color were treated as property. Despite his privileged upbringing, Lewis was drawn to the plight of the slaves and was determined to make a difference.

Through his friendship with Luke, a slave who worked on the family property, Lewis learned to take his privilege with a grain of salt and ultimately decided to leave the South and settle in the Free State of Ohio, where the Anti-Slavery movement was at its peak. In Oberlin, a diverse town where Lewis and his best friend John Copeland became involved in the fight against slavery, Lewis was able to put his ideals into action as a freedom fighter and skilled underground railroad conductor.

However, as much as Lewis had accomplished in his fight against slavery, he couldn't shake the feeling that he was not doing enough to fight the system as a whole. It wasn't until he met the famous abolitionist John Brown that Lewis reached the pinnacle of what he felt he could do to end slavery in the country. Together, they journeyed to Harpers Ferry, where they became part of a moment in American history that would ultimately lead to the Civil War.

"Shackles of a Freeman" is a gripping and thought-provoking historical fiction novel that brings to light the sacrifices and bravery of those who fought against slavery in the 1850s. Through Lewis Leary's journey, the reader will be transported back in time and experience the struggles and triumphs of the Anti-Slavery movement, making this a captivating and inspiring read for audiences of all backgrounds.


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