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Gail Daley

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Language : English

Book Description

Return to Arcadia for a new Outlawed Colony adventure!

A lone investigator finds himself in trouble up to his neck when he uncovers the murder of an old friend.

The illicit drug business followed man when he colonized new planets, creating deadly new drugs with new names like Love Potion.

Whether it was Karma or just plain bad luck, trouble has dogged Cosimo’s footsteps all his life. Fictional secret agents never had the kind of ill luck Cosimo Bedingfeld has. His job as an undercover investigator for the HIVE is interesting, even exciting, but he always ends up hip deep in a pile of dung.

When his mother arranges for him to meet Abigail Trelawney, the ‘Spider Girl’ of Aranea plantation who raises Marabunta, giant wasp-spiders for their webs, he finally has a chance at happiness, but can he overcome his past mistakes to take it?


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